Learn More About Valley Crossing Digital and Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Braedon Swindler, MBA

Founder & Lead Marketing Strategist | braedon@valleycrossingdigital.com

Braedon Swindler is the Founder & Lead Marketing Strategist for Valley Crossing Digital. Braedon has a passion for all things Digital and all things Business, and found Digital Marketing to be an ideal combination of the two. He is looking forward to bringing his Digital Marketing expertise to the greater Coatesville area with Valley Crossing Digital.

Braedon has an extensive Digital Marketing background, with expertise in Website Design, Social Media Management, Analytics Tracking, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Paid Advertising Strategy, and much more.

Braedon graduated from West Chester University in a three-year accelerated International Business program, and completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from West Chester University in an accelerated one-year program.

When not at work, Braedon enjoys spending time with his wife and two cats.


Mateo C. Lopez

Community Outreach Coordinator | mateo@valleycrossingdigital.com

Mateo C. Lopez is the Community Outreach Coordinator at Valley Crossing Digital.

Mateo is enthusiastic about marketing and has a passion for community engagement. He began his career with VCD in general marketing and sales, before quickly transitioning to the world of marketing technology. Since then, he has continued to hone his skills in branding, digital advertising, web design, and market research.

Currently serving as the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Valley Crossing Digital, Mateo is committed to creating effective and innovative marketing strategies that drive business growth for clients. With his background in sales and marketing, Mateo is eager to leverage his expertise to benefit the Coatesville community and create positive change.

Outside of work, Mateo enjoys spending time with his family, exploring new local businesses, and traveling to new places in the state.

Monica Ferguson

Social Media Manager, Director of 19320GO! | monica@valleycrossingdigital.com

Monica Ferguson is the Social Media Manager at Valley Crossing Digital and Director of the 19320GO! platform.

Monica attended West Chester University with a major in Marketing and minor in Digital Marketing, reflecting her commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the digital landscape.

She’s excited to expand her experience with Social Media Management and digital platform management with the team at Valley Crossing Digital. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to make a meaningful impact and focus on Digital Marketing ensures that she understands the need for passionate individuals in this profession.

Beyond the world of marketing, Monica enjoys long walks with her dog and spending quality time with her friends and family.